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Paulo Morgado in Expansión

In this interview for Expansión, Paulo Morgado shares his views about business strategy and leadership. He explains the difference between intuition and instinct, concepts oftentimes confused, and talks about business strategy and its execution, covered in detail in his latest book, Strategy in Action.


Paulo Morgado in Diario Abierto

PAULO MORGADO, IN DIARIO ABIERTO: “TODAY, STRATEGY ORIGINATES MORE WHILE BEING EXECUTED THAN WHILE BEING DEFINED.” In this interview for Diario Abierto –given during the conference organised by Capgemini and APD–, Paulo Morgado talks about [...]


Paulo Morgado in Cinco Días



Irene Cano, Country Manager at Facebook Iberia

Interview from Paulo Morgado, Chief Executive Officer at Capgemini Spain, to Irene Cano, Country Manager at Facebook Iberia. In this interview, Irene Cano explains the benefits that Facebook brings as a digital platform, and the benefits that companies get from being present in the platform. Also, both executives analyse business leadership in the digital era, and how leaders must adapt to the new times.


Arnaldo Muñoz, General Manager at Airbnb for Spain and Portugal

Interview between Paulo Morgado, Chief Executive Officer at Capgemini Spain, and Arnaldo Muñoz, General Manager at Airbnb Spain & Portugal. In this interview, Arnaldo Muñoz speaks about Airbnb’s future strategy, and also about the importance of having the commitment of employees to being aligned with the company’s mission. Additionally, Arnaldo Muñoz analyses Airbnb’s key to success.


Pepe López de Ayala, Managing Director at Twitter Spain

Interview between Paulo Morgado, Chief Executive Officer at Capgemini Spain, and Pepe López de Ayala, Managing Director at Twitter Spain, where they both revisit the many possibilities that Twitter offers. Twitter has consolidated as not just a technology platform; Twitter is information, is talent and leadership, is the megaphone that gives voice to the entire world, is “the reflection of society.”


Paulo Morgado in El País Retina

This article was written as a result of an interview to Paulo Morgado, Chief Executive Officer at Capgemini Spain, for El País Retina. In this interview, Paulo Morgado reflected on the concept of reverse mentoring and on the importance for Chief Executive Officers to adapt to the digital world.


Paulo Morgado is interviewed in Forbes

This article was written as a result of an interview to Paulo Morgado, Chief Executive Officer at Capgemini Spain, and conducted by prestigious magazine Forbes. In this interview, Paulo Morgado reflects on innovation, strategy, digital transformation, among other current topics.


Paulo Morgado in the magazine “Consejeros”

Paulo Morgado was interviewed by Fernando González Urbaneja for magazine Consejeros. During the conversation, the Chief Executive Officer at Capgemini Spain spoke of digital transformation and of how this change is affecting companies, sectors, business, and even top management itself.


Leadership. What is a leader? Paulo Morgado in Cinco Días

In this interview for the financial paper Cinco Días, Paulo Morgado summarises his management and leadership style. “I am an agitator. I have the capacity to create new things at a breath-taking pace, and I like energising the organisation. My leadership style is based on setting the example, on truthfulness. Oftentimes people create expectations that can’t later meet, and it is important to have a sense of ethics.”


Paulo Morgado on philosophy & people management

According to Paulo Morgado, “philosophy can be very useful when managing human resources.” And, holding a degree –among several ones– in Philosophy, he can easily defend the statement above. In this extensive interview for Pessoal, he analyses the relation that philosophy holds with both good management and better results.


Paulo Morgado on public expenditure

In this interview for Jornal de Negócios, Paulo Morgado criticises the Portuguese Government’s decision of reducing public expenditure through measures such as reducing the operation costs of public companies by 15% (including a salary reduction of 5%), measures all that he describes as short-termed and of little efficacy.


Competitiveness, Portugal’s great problem

“Competitiveness is Portugal’s great problem,” remarks Paulo Morgado in this interview for LIDEWOKS, given from his current position as Chief Executive Officer at Capgemini Spain, position for which he was appointed in 2014 and which involves being in charge of more than 4,000 people and of managing a turnover of over 250 million Euros.


Management efficacy, key to a country’s success

“Management efficacy is key to a country’s success.” In this interview, Paulo Morgado, in a not-unusual display of sincerity, recommends that Portuguese managers be confronted with the free market, with fighting against bureaucracy, and with dismantling Public-Private clusters.


The CEO at Capgemini Portugal in Executive Digest meetings

The Executive Committee of Executive Digest holds monthly meetings over current issues. In these two sessions, which took place in December 2013 and March 2014, Paulo Morgado discusses about the present and future of the economy with some prominent Portuguese figures, such as Álvaro Nacimiento, António Ramalho, João Costa, João Duque, Jorge Marrão, Luís Filipe Pereira, Manuel Lopes da Costa, Paulo Carmona, Rui Paiva, Luís Mira Amaral, and Rui Semedo, among others.


Recruiting talent, a must for companies

Talent is the main hiring requirement that Paulo Morgado imposes at consultancy firm Capgemini. As of 2014, the company has hired, in Portugal, between 70 and 100 new graduates each year, and trained them so as to develop their careers in a thriving but highly-demanding market, where only the best can make it.


A business code of ethics to safeguard the market

“Having a business code of ethics safeguards the market. When there are rules in place, one cannot allege that he or she did not observe them because of a lack of knowledge. It is necessary to keep shareholders appeased, and be trusted by employees and by all those related to the company,” remarks Paulo Morgado in this interview for Negócios.


Paulo Morgado on the State and the Public Administration

Paulo Morgado spoke in this sincere interview for the magazine Elite, in which the situation of Portugal was analysed, without sugar-coating his message: “Contrary to what many businesses believe, despite the financial crisis, the world hasn’t come to a standstill,” he declared. “The State is not a good payer, and we even thank them for not having contracts with us,” added he. “Public Administration reform will not occur unless it is started at some point in time. It does not occur simply by thinking about it.”


Paulo Morgado on digital transformation

In 2013, Paulo Morgado had already foreseen the radical changes that were to happen as a result of the digital revolution. In this interview, the Chief Executive Officer at Capgemini Spain anticipates what we know today as the digital transformation, as well as some currently consolidated trends.


Paulo Morgado on Initial Public Offerings

In this interview for Jornal de Negócios, of Portugal, Paulo Morgado describes the benefits that Initial Public Offerings can have for companies. He claims that, “when a company is listed in the Stock Exchange, the need for professionalising management is more pressing,” and “forecasting becomes essential, results have to be accounted for, and transparency is favoured.”


Paulo Morgado on zombie companies

Paulo Morgado speaks, in this interview for Jornal de Negócios, about the responsibility that managers had in the financial crisis and –without mentioning them although many of their names can come to our minds– questions those companies managed by “more notorious than notable figures.”


Paulo Morgado on his appointment as CEO at Capgemini Spain

In this interview for Expansión, Paulo Morgado claims to have more Spanish than Portuguese DNA when it comes to decision taking: “In Portugal, a lot of thought is given before taking a decision, while here in Spain you are more practical. In this regard, you are the Americans of Europe. What I like is executing.”


Management. “Today, strategy is decided while being executed.”

“The new mind-set is more like channel-hopping, as there is no time to mature ideas so much,” remarks Paulo Morgado in this report from the financial paper Expansión – a call to dismissing the classic idea whereby companies first decide and then execute, and replace it for “a new model in which both realities overlap” and adjust one another throughout time.


Paulo Morgado on Millennials

In an encounter, organised by consultancy firm Capgemini for Cinco Días, millennial and senior employees share their differences as to how they see work, how they see their day-to-day, and what they each get out of sharing projects with people with such different mind-sets.


Thus were the final projects from Deusto Business School’s and ICADE’s 2016 programmes chosen.

The Chief Executive Officer at Capgemini Spain, Paulo Morgado, was member of the jury for the 2016 Corporate Leadership Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the 2016 Public Leadership Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Deusto Business School and ICADE, with the collaboration of Fundación Rafael del Pino and Círculo de Empresarios. The aim: To launch innovative ideas for the benefit of society. Mr Morgado, together with José Luis Romero, Human Resources Director at El Corte Inglés, José Manuel Romay-Becaria, President of the Spanish Council of State, Antonio Basagoiti, from Banco Santander, and Patxi López, President of the Congress of Deputies, made up the jury.


Javier Cuesta Nuin, President & CEO at Correos

Paulo Morgado, consejero delegado de Capgemini España conversa con Javier Cuesta Nin, Presidente de Correos sobre la transformacion que ha llevado Correos en los últimos cinco años. El objetivo de Correos es convertirse en los líderes en paquetería y comunicaciones digitales en España.


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