Procrastination | Paulo Morgado in Notícias Magazine


PAULO MORGADO IN NOTÍCIAS MAGAZINE: PUTTING OFF UNTIL TOMORROW WHAT CAN BE DONE TODAY. (2014) Paulo Morgado participates in this extensive report in which the action (or better still, the inaction) of procrastinating is analysed. “Putting off until tomorrow what can be done today” is the title chosen by Notícias Magazine for this story on prejudices about not taking the bull by the horns in regards to daily tasks. Paulo Morgado shares his view on the topic of procrastination –of which he is an expert in, and having even written a book on the subject– and highlights its importance [...]

International competitiveness, Portugal’s great problem | Paulo Morgado in LIDEWORKS


PAULO MORGADO IN LIDEWORKS: “PORTUGAL HAS A VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM OF INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIVENESS.” (2014) One of the most serious problems that Portugal is faced with is its international competitiveness, remarks Paulo Morgado in this interview for LIDEWORKS. Paulo Morgado speaks about his home country from his current position as Chief Executive Officer at Capgemini Spain, a position for which he was appointed in 2014 and which involves being in charge of more than 4,000 people and of managing a turnover of over 250 million Euros. In addition to examining various aspects concerning Capgemini, the consultancy sector in general, and [...]

Management efficiency | Paulo Morgado in Negócios


PAULO MORGADO IN NEGÓCIOS: “MANAGEMENT IN PORTUGAL NEEDS TO BE MORE EFFICIENT.” (2014) Management efficiency is key to a country’s success. In this interview for Negócios, Paulo Morgado covers various issues: businesses, management, the economic situation of Portugal, the Government, etc., all of these of great interest to analyse and understand the situation back then. In this interview, Paulo Morgado, in a not-unusual display of sincerity, recommends that Portuguese managers be confronted with the free market, with fighting against bureaucracy, and with dismantling Public-Private clusters. Thus, this expert in business administration and management believes that, “That is a company’s [...]

Best Ethical Practices Awards: The most ethical companies are rewarded.


PAULO MORGADO, PROMOTER AND MEMBER OF THE JURY AT BEST ETHICAL PRACTICES AWARDS (2014) Initiative sponsored by Negócios and Capgemini with the goal of rewarding the best ethical practices from Portuguese companies and in order to highlight their importance. It was aimed at companies with a turnover of over 33 million Euros, and headquartered in Portugal. The jury consisted of 8 prominent figures: Alfredo José de Sousa, Daniel Bessa, Elisa Ferreira, Esmeralda Dourado, Francisco de la Fuente Sánchez, Helena Garrido, João Salgueiro, and Paulo Morgado. In this feature story by Filipe S. Fernandes, Paulo Morgado shares his view about [...]

Paulo Morgado in the editorial board meetings of Executive Digest.


PAULO MORGADO IN EXECUTIVE DIGEST: “THE PRESENT AND FUTURE OF THE ECONOMY.” (2014) The editorial board of Executive Digest organises regular meetings where topics of current interest are discussed and analyzed. In these two sessions, which took place in December 2013 and March 2014, Paulo Morgado discussed about the present and future of the economy with some prominent Portuguese figures: Álvaro Nacimiento, António Ramalho, João Costa, João Duque, Jorge Marrão, Luís Filipe Pereira, Manuel Lopes da Costa, Paulo Carmona, Rui Paiva, Luís Mira Amaral, and Rui Semedo, among others. Intensive sessions where the wealth of experience from these renowned [...]

Talent, a recruiting must for companies.


PAULO MORGADO IN REVISTA IMPRESA: “WE WANT ELITE (HIGH-PERFORMANCE) PEOPLE.” (06-04-2014) Talent is the main hiring requisite that Paulo Morgado demands at consultancy firm Capgemini. As of 2014, the company has hired, in Portugal, between 70 and 100 new graduates each year, and trained them so as to develop their careers in a thriving but highly-demanding market, where only the best can make it. A must: To be prepared and willing to evolve. Those who lack ambition, do not have a place in a company where people “define” their job positions and not the other way round. In this [...]

Business ethics | Paulo Morgado in Jornal de Negócios


PAULO MORGADO IN JORNAL DE NEGÓCIOS: “HAVING BUSINESS ETHICS EQUATES TO SAFEGUARDING THE MARKET.” (06-02-2014) “Having business ethics equates to safeguarding the market” is one of Paulo Morgado’s mantras. “A good piece of the business fabric consists of privatised companies, orbiting around the State, or of companies resulting from financial clustering. The thing is that, when there are rules in place, one cannot allege that he or she did not observe them because of a lack of knowledge. It is necessary to keep shareholders appeased, and be trusted by employees and by all those related to the company,” remarks [...]