Culture Day: Working on the values of Capgemini

//Culture Day: Working on the values of Capgemini

Culture Day: Working on the values of Capgemini

In our Culture Day event, we worked on our values and related behaviours so as to create a positive impact on our motivation, commitment and satisfaction, on which our personality and conduct depend, and which are key to the success of our transformation. It is important to reflect as a team and also individually on these behaviours so as to put them in practice and promote them in our nearest environment. Capgemini defined its values 50 years ago, when it was founded. They are seven: Trust, Honesty, Modesty, Freedom, Boldness, Team Spirit and Fun.

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Soy Paulo Morgado, consejero-delegado de Capgemini, investigador y estudioso del management, escritor, abogado, filósofo... Autor de varios libros sobre gestión, argumentación, negociación, humor, anticorrupción, estrategia...

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