Interviewed by Fernando González Urbaneja for magazine Consejeros

//Interviewed by Fernando González Urbaneja for magazine Consejeros

Interviewed by Fernando González Urbaneja for magazine Consejeros

Entrevista a Paulo Morgado en Consejeros

Paulo Morgado was interviewed last Thursday, 16 March, by journalist Fernando González Urbaneja for magazine Consejeros. During the conversation, the Chief Executive Officer at Capgemini spoke of digital transformation and of how this change is affecting companies, sectors, business, and even top management itself.

entrevista a Paulo Morgado

For Mr. Morgado, “the new transformation processes for the treatment of information and in production activities have not reached maximum costs reduction.” He adds, “with robotization and automation we will be able to achieve productivity levels not achieved so far.

Regarding employment, “the challenge for people is to continuously update their skills,” and regarding administration and management, he warns that: “There are some job positions for which, at some point in one’s professional career, trust on other people, on the team, replaces job content. Otherwise, one will not be prepared for the digital change. Those isolating and protecting themselves will be sending a sign of incompetency. The greater the inaccessibility, the greater the incompetency. But if they keep a business common sense, by listening to the market, to their clients, and to their employees, then, they will be in optimal condition to adapt.


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