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Paulo Morgado's biography


My life cycle professional stages

Product development: I started my university education at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics. Since then, I haven’t stop to GROW my academic abilities: an MBA and a DBA (PhD) matured my knowledge in Management Science, which was completed by a Law degree and a MPhil along with several certifications from the most reputed EU and USA Schools. And, yes, I did find some time to write 8 books on Management related topics.

Introduction: After finishing my studies at Católica Lisbon School, I spent a couple of years working in Strategy Consultancy and two years more in Corporate Finance. At that time, my profession felt like a stock that does not pay dividends but whose intrinsic value was GROWING very fast.

Growth: Leveraging on this perceived value, I was offered a job as Managing Director of a listed company that was a market leader in the FMCG sector. The stock price of that company GREW more than 100% in two years, propelled by an unusual SALES GROWTH! This achievement opened me the doors to turnaround the Portuguese operation of Capgemini.

Maturity: After spending 11 years as CEO of Capgemini Portugal, the Group appointed me to conduct the turnaround of the Spanish operation. After four years as CEO of Capgemini Spain, and with mission accomplished, it was time to embrace new challenges.

Decline: (This is for head-hunters that think that your professional career stops at fifty)

Life-cycle extension: Instead of being tempted by a pre-retirement culture (during which one spends time wasting time), so typical of the conventional over-fifty, I decided to start over again as a Partner of a strategic boutique. But my obsession for GROWTH made me transform my entrepreneurial culture in an entrepreneurial project: BridgeWhat! Let’s Grow!


Firmly convinced that strategy is in action and of the role of intuition in strategy, he researched on this topic in depth in his doctoral thesis (completed in 2017).


Executive with a public notoriety, Paulo Morgado has frequently appeared, for over 15 years, in the press and on TV to talk about management, strategy and business.


Author of several articles and of eight published books on management, strategy, anti-corruption, humour, negotiation, and language philosophy, among other topics.



C/Anabel Segura, 14-28108 Alcobendas Madrid

Phone: 91-657.70.00

Web: http://www.es.capgemini.com