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Welcome to Paulo Morgado’s website, Executive Vice-President at Capgemini Spain; a space for thought, debate and action on strategy, management, leadership, and top management; with guest signatures, a blog, book reviews, and interviews with top executives. Want to talk about digital transformation, management, turnover, diversity, etc.?



Paulo Morgado in Executive Excellence

PAULO MORGADO IN EXECUTIVE EXCELLENCE. In this interview for Executive Excellence, Paulo Morgado reveals some of the most interesting key aspects of his latest book, Strategy in Action. READ THE FULL INTERVIEW >> [...]

Guest Signature: Jaime Rodríguez

Jaime Rodríguez is Country Manager at BlaBlaCar. He holds an engineering degree in Telecommunications from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Jaime was in charge of Operations for both the Spanish and the Portuguese markets, and [...]


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