RH Magazine | Paulo Morgado’s interview featured on the front cover


PAULO MORGADO IN RH MAGAZINE: “WHAT COUNTS IS THE ACCOUNTS; EVERYTHING ELSE IS A TALL TALE.” (01-2008) Paulo Morgado’s interview is featured on the front cover of RH Magazine. A casual conversation in which the then Chief Executive Officer at Capgemini Portugal answers to questions on a wide range of topics, such as restructuring processes, levers for people management and motivation, or the importance of ongoing learning. READ THE FULL INTERVIEW >>

Stone-age judiciary & corruption | Paulo Morgado in Semanário Económico


PAULO MORGADO IN SEMANÁRIO ECONÓMICO: “WE HAVE A STONE-AGE JUDICIARY.” (15-02-2008) Following the publication of his books Contos de Colarinho Branco (2005) and O Corrupto e o Diabo (2007), Paulo Morgado gives this interview to Semanário Económico about the scourge of State corruption. According to Paulo Morgado, the measures to combat corruption are: (1) being more transparent, (2) auditing information, (3) establishing codes of conduct, (4) giving more powers to the judiciary, and (5) separating auditing from consulting activities in companies where both activities are carried out. READ THE FULL INTERVIEW >>

Mediocrity & meritocracy | Paulo Morgado in Jornal de Leiria


PAULO MORGADO IN JORNAL DE LEIRIA: “WE ARE CREATING A COUNTRY OF EQUALITY AMONGST MEDIOCRITY.” (20-03-2008) In this interview for Jornal de Leiria, Paulo Morgado shares his views on a wide range of topics, of interest in Portugal back then. In his view, “it is necessary to create in Portugal a culture of meritocracy, not only in companies but also at school.” Another highlight of this interview is his opinion on the need to reform universities to meet the needs of the market. READ THE FULL INTERVIEW >>

Transparency & political goodwill | Paulo Morgado in Jornal de Negócios


PAULO MORGADO IN JORNAL DE NEGÓCIOS: “TRANSPARENCY AND POLITICAL GOODWILL ARE MISSING.” (18-04-2008) Paulo Morgado participates in this report from Jornal de Negócios, in which four different professionals (a judge, a managing director, a lawyer, and a scholar) gather to share their views on the phenomenon of corruption. Four views and one common solution to preventing and combating the phenomenon of corruption: more transparency (1) in public management, (2) in State contracts with the private sector, (3) in the funding of political parties, and (4) in the access to bank accounts. In short, more transparency and political goodwill. READ [...]

Top management’s ethics | Paulo Morgado in “Os desafios das PME”


PAULO MORGADO IN THE CONFERENCE “OS DESAFIOS DAS PME”: “A COMPANY’S ETHICS RELIES ON THEIR TOP MANAGEMENT’S ETHICS.” (01.06.2008) In his opinion, “a small business is more likely to be controlled. If the person who runs it is ethical, then it is very likely that the company will be ethical, too. With large companies, it is likewise.” READ THE FULL STORY >>

Corruption? No, Thanks | Paulo Morgado in PÚBLICO


PAULO MORGADO IN PÚBLICO: “CORRUPTION? NO, THANKS.” (13-06-2008) Following the publication of his book O Corrupto e o Diabo, Paulo Morgado speaks for PÚBLICO on the topic of corruption. “My devotion to this topic started in 2005, with the publication of my previous book, Contos de colarinho branco, where I warned of the various types of enrichment that needed being controlled,” states he in this article. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

Financial crisis in Portugal | Paulo Morgado in O Jornal Económico


PAULO MORGADO IN O JORNAL ECONÓMICO: “PORTUGAL IS THE NEW RICH WHO HAS SPENT ALL THE MONEY SHE HAD.” (15-09-2008) Interview given to O Jornal Económico in 2008, year in which the first signs of the financial crisis were starting to be felt in the Eurozone. Paulo Morgado shares his views on the state of the Portuguese economy, the country’s levels of competitiveness, and the structural changes affecting the entire country as a result of the financial crisis. In his view, the 2008 financial crisis was due to more structural than temporary factors. In the last few years, “there [...]