Managers & Leaders | Paulo Morgado in Jornal de Leiria


PAULO MORGADO IN JORNAL DE LEIRIA: “PORTUGAL HAS TOO MANY MANAGERS AND VERY FEW LEADERS.” (01-12-2011) In this article for Jornal de Leiria, Paulo Morgado claims that there are too many managers and very few leaders in Portugal. According to him, this is “because the former ones are enforced by decree while the latter ones aren’t.” “A leader,” says he, “plays an unreplaceable role since only he or she can generate a sense of urgency. A leader is also able to bring out the best in his or her collaborators, as people do by example.” And last but not [...]

Philosophy & People Management | Paulo Morgado in Revista Pessoal


PAULO MORGADO, FEATURED ON THE FRONT COVER OF REVISTA PESSOAL, SPEAKS OF THE IMPORTANCE OF PHILOSOPHY IN PEOPLE MANAGEMENT. (01-04-2011) According to Paulo Morgado, “philosophy can be very useful in people management.” And holding a degree (among others) in this field, he can easily defend this claim. In this extensive interview for Revista Pessoal, he analyses the connection that there is between philosophy and good people management, and between philosophy and better results. “Philosophy seems very ethereal for those not familiarised with it, but offers some excellent teachings for organisations, especially in relation to logic and the use of [...]

Public spending cuts | Paulo Morgado in Jornal de Negócios


PAULO MORGADO ON PUBLIC SPENDING CUTS IN JORNAL DE NEGÓCIOS (07-02-2011) In this conversation with Jornal de Negócios, Paulo Morgado claims that the Government has a great opportunity to make public spending cuts by outsourcing its infrastructure maintenance. The Chief Executive Officer at Capgemini Spain points out that, “This is a step that the Public Administration should have already taken.” He also criticises the Portuguese Government’s decision of cutting public spending by, among other measures, reducing the operation costs of public companies by 15% (including a salary reduction of 5%). Measures that he describes as short-termed and of little [...]