Professional management | Paulo Morgado in LIDEWORKS


PAULO MORGADO IN LIDEWORKS: “PORTUGUESE BUSINESSES NEED MORE PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT.” (09-2013) Professional management is a speciality of Paulo Morgado, an expert in FAST management (Forecast, Accountability, Separation of Powers, and Transparency). “A manager doesn’t need to have been specifically trained in management, but he or she does need to know about management,” says he. In this interview for magazine LIDEWORKS, the Chief Executive Officer at Capgemini explains what the FAST model is, a model implemented under his direction in the consultancy firm in Portugal in 2013. Also, he criticises the slow speed of the decision-taking process of companies from [...]

Public Administration | Paulo Morgado in Magazine Elite


PAULO MORGADO IN MAGAZINE ELITE: “CONTRARY TO WHAT SOME BUSINESSES MAY BELIEVE, THE WORLD HASN’T COME TO A STANDSTILL.” (27-08-2013) In this interview for Magazine Elite, Paulo Morgado openly speaks about a wide range of topics, current in Portugal back then. The statements by him made in this interview were made out of conviction and as a result of his extensive experience, without sugar-coating them. “Contrary to what some businesses may believe, despite the financial crisis, the world hasn’t come to a standstill,” says he. “The State is not a good payer, and we even thank them for not [...]

Digital transformation | Paulo Morgado in Vida Económica


PAULO MORGADO IN VIDA ECONÓMICA: “THE WORLD OF BUSINESS APPS IS YET TO BE DISCOVERED.” (31-05-2013) Already in 2013 had Paulo Morgado foreseen the radical changes that were to happen as a result of the digital revolution. In this interview for Vida Económica, the Chief Executive Officer at Capgemini anticipates what we know today as the digital transformation, as well as some currently consolidated trends, such as The Internet of Things, Big Data, and the complete change of business models that has taken place across all sectors. READ THE FULL INTERVIEW >>

Initial Public Offerings | Paulo Morgado in Jornal de Negócios


PAULO MORGADO IN JORNAL DE NEGÓCIOS: “INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERINGS CAN HELP COMPANIES GROW.” (29-05-2013) In this interview for Jornal de Negócios, Paulo Morgado describes the benefits that Initial Public Offerings can have for companies. He claims that, “when a company is listed in the Stock Exchange, the need for professionalising management is more pressing,” and “forecasting becomes essential, results have to be accounted for, and transparency is favoured.” “Managers mustn’t be free from falling under suspicion of incompetence and, as happens with humans, companies, in order to make adjustments and changes, sometimes are obliged to, forced to do this [...]

Top management | Paulo Morgado in Diário de Notícias


PAULO MORGADO IN DIÁRIO DE NOTÍCIAS: “IN COMPANIES, TOP MANAGEMENT ARE THE LEAST QUESTIONED.” (06-04-2013) In Paulo Morgado’s view, top management still prefer to design strategies than to analyse data, leaving this job to the rest of the company’s machinery, and resulting in a high cost for companies. Managers are unable to correct their mistakes because when the results are analysed, it is already too late. Capgemini has been working on tools that enable early data analysis for years; this being one of the many strengths of the consultancy firm, present in more than 40 countries. READ THE FULL [...]

Zombie companies | Paulo Morgado in Jornal de Negócios Weekend


PAULO MORGADO IN JORNAL DE NEGÓCIOS WEEKEND: “WE ARE SURROUNDED BY ZOMBIE COMPANIES.” (25-01-2013) In this interview for Jornal de Negócios, Paulo Morgado speaks about the responsibility that managers had in the financial crisis and, without mentioning them although many of their names can come to our minds, questions those companies managed by “more notorious than notable figures.” Fair criticism on top executives holding a position without having the merits that prove their capacity or deserving it. In Portugal, like in Spain and in many other places, relations matter, and they do not always help appoint the most qualified [...]