Leadership. What is a leader? | Paulo Morgado in Cinco Días


PAULO MORGADO IN CINCO DÍAS: “A LEADER MUST BE AN AGITATOR, SOMEONE WHO SPURS ACTION.” “I like action,” acknowledges Paulo Morgado in this interview for financial paper Cinco Días. “Doing things, not pending things. I want to have many leaders, agitators who spur creativity, and with a capacity to sense the market.” He summarises his management and leadership style: “It is necessary to create leaders who solve things. I am an agitator. I have the capacity to create new things at a breath-taking pace, and I like energising the organisation. Thus, my leadership style is based on setting the [...]

Management | Paulo Morgado in Expansión


PAULO MORGADO IN EXPANSIÓN: “TODAY, STRATEGY IS DECIDED WHILE BEING EXECUTED.” How can executives plan their companies’ strategy today? “When it comes to management, most organizations continue acting in the exact same way as 20 years ago, making it difficult for them to make the digital switch. The new mind-set is more like channel-hopping, as there is no time to mature ideas so much,” remarks Paulo Morgado in this report from financial paper Expansión –a call to dismissing the classic idea whereby companies first decide and then execute, and replace it for “a new model in which both realities [...]

Millennials vs. Senior employees | Paulo Morgado in Cinco Días


CINCO DÍAS: MILLENNIALS VS. SENIOR EMPLOYEES, TWO GENERATIONS BOUND TO UNDERSTAND ONE ANOTHER. In an encounter, organised by consultancy firm Capgemini for Cinco Días, millennials and senior employees share their differences as to how they see work, how they see their day-to-day, and what they each get out of sharing projects with people with such different mind-sets. The format of the encounter itself is already indicative of those differences. On one side, five millennial employees working in Capgemini projects in different countries and completely at ease with using their computers to communicate via Skype. On the other, in the [...]

Leadership programmes | Paulo Morgado in Cinco Días


PAULO MORGADO, MEMBER OF THE JURY FOR THE FINAL PROJECTS FROM DEUSTO BUSINESS SCHOOL’S AND ICADE’S 2016 LEADERSHIP PROGRAMMES. The Chief Executive Officer at Capgemini Spain, Paulo Morgado, was member of the jury for the 2016 Corporate Leadership Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the 2016 Public Leadership Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Deusto Business School and ICADE, with the collaboration of Fundación Rafael del Pino and Círculo de Empresarios. Leadership programmes, aimed at launching innovative ideas for the benefit of society. Paulo Morgado, together with José Luis Romero, Human Resources Director at El Corte Inglés, José Manuel [...]

Pilar López, General Manager at Microsoft Iberia


PILAR LÓPEZ: “WE SEEK TO MAKE OUR TECHNOLOGY ENABLE YOU TO DO WHATEVER YOU SET OUT TO DO.” To create more personal IT, to reinvent productivity in the enterprise, to reinforce strategic relations, to be the partner of your digital transformation… And all this, “by living the values of the company.” These are just a few of the many challenges that Pilar López set for herself when she became General Manager at Microsoft Iberia. She reflects on these in this interview with Paulo Morgado, Chief Executive Officer at Capgemini Spain. “Microsoft is to play a fundamental role in supporting the [...]

Javier Rodríguez Zapatero, Managing Director at Google Spain


JAVIER RODRÍGUEZ ZAPATERO: “THE RISK OF NOT TRYING IS GREATER THAN THAT OF TRYING.” Digital revolution, education, innovation, corporate culture, technology adoption… Words, concepts, already commonly used in our day to day, and prone to becoming more and more prominent in the impending future. In the last few years we have witnessed how technology has been transforming the business model of many organisations. In fact, for Javier Rodríguez Zapatero, “jobs in ten years’ time will not have much to do with those of 10 years ago.” In this interesting conversation, conducted by Paulo Morgado, both executives talked and shared their [...]

Sarah Harmon, Head of LinkedIn Talent Solutions for Spain and Portugal


SARAH HARMON: “TO FOSTER INNOVATION, IT IS VITAL TO ELIMINATE HIERARCHICAL BARRIERS.” Today, to speak of social networks and employment is to talk of LinkedIn. With over 433 million users, it is the leading platform in their sector. Their secret, to concentrate all their efforts on one single focus: the professional one. In fact, according to Sarah Harmon, in charge of the company’s business line Talent Solutions for Spain and Portugal since 2013, “the end user is at the centre of our universe.” And since, their success. In a casual talk with Paulo Morgado, Chief Executive Officer at Capgemini Spain, [...]