Javier Rodríguez Zapatero, Managing Director at Google Spain


JAVIER RODRÍGUEZ ZAPATERO: “THE RISK OF NOT TRYING IS GREATER THAN THAT OF TRYING.” Digital revolution, education, innovation, corporate culture, technology adoption… Words, concepts, already commonly used in our day to day, and prone to becoming more and more prominent in the impending future. In the last few years we have witnessed how technology has been transforming the business model of many organisations. In fact, for Javier Rodríguez Zapatero, “jobs in ten years’ time will not have much to do with those of 10 years ago.” In this interesting conversation, conducted by Paulo Morgado, both executives talked and shared their [...]

Sarah Harmon, Head of LinkedIn Talent Solutions for Spain and Portugal


SARAH HARMON: “TO FOSTER INNOVATION, IT IS VITAL TO ELIMINATE HIERARCHICAL BARRIERS.” Today, to speak of social networks and employment is to talk of LinkedIn. With over 433 million users, it is the leading platform in their sector. Their secret, to concentrate all their efforts on one single focus: the professional one. In fact, according to Sarah Harmon, in charge of the company’s business line Talent Solutions for Spain and Portugal since 2013, “the end user is at the centre of our universe.” And since, their success. In a casual talk with Paulo Morgado, Chief Executive Officer at Capgemini Spain, [...]

Rosa García, CEO & President at Siemens Spain


Paulo Morgado, Chief Executive Officer at Capgemini Spain, speaks with Rosa García, CEO & President at Siemens Spain. Together they analyse her national and international career heading companies such as Microsoft and Siemens. Also, they exchange their views on management and share with the reader some lessons learned.

Federico González Tejera, Chief Executive Officer at NH Hotel Group


The business plan launched by Federico González Tejera upon his arrival at NH Hotel Group generates positive results the very first year of its implementation. In 2014, the company exceeds all market expectations by improving their net results by 76%, thanks to the measures implemented so as to stimulate sales and contain operative and hiring costs.

Javier Cuesta Nuin, President & CEO at Correos


Paulo Morgado, consejero delegado de Capgemini España conversa con Javier Cuesta Nin, Presidente de Correos sobre la transformacion que ha llevado Correos en los últimos cinco años. El objetivo de Correos es convertirse en los líderes en paquetería y comunicaciones digitales en España.