Business solutions to the digital challenge | Paulo Morgado in Forbes


PAULO MORGADO IN FORBES MAGAZINE: “EITHER STRATEGY IS BASED ON ACTION OR IT IS NOTHING AT ALL.” In this interview for Forbes, and titled "Business solutions to the digital challenge", Paulo Morgado reflects on several topics, but always with innovation, the digital challenge, and the need to adapt to the current times in mind. He claims that, “How this adaptation to the new environment occurs has an impact on people and on company assets; on the profiles recruited; and, on how to adapt the company’s culture, business processes and leadership.” The conversation, which ranged over questions about his role [...]

Digital switch | Paulo Morgado in magazine Consejeros


PAULO MORGADO IN MAGAZINE CONSEJEROS: “THE MAIN CHALLENGE THAT COMPANIES ARE FACED WITH IS THEIR DIGITAL SWITCH.” (01.03.2017) For Paulo Morgado, “the new transformation processes for the treatment of information and in production activities have not yet enabled maximum costs reduction.” He adds, “with robotization and automation it will be possible to achieve productivity levels not reached so far.” Regarding employment, “the challenge for people is to continuously update their skills,” and regarding administration and management, he warns that: “There are some job positions for which, at some point in one’s professional career, trust on other people, on the [...]